Earth's First Animated Series For The Blockchain

Don’t become a
Blood Sacrifice

When society falls at the talons of our shapeshifting lizard overlords, protect yourself from harm by holding Reptilian Coin - a token of your loyalty to the Grand Reptilian Council and the official currency of the New World Order!



Hail Draconis

The eerie glow of the Dark Moon of Draconis unveils a plan long in the making… the great Reptilian takeover of the blockchain!

Hail Draconis is a platform-spanning Reptilian propaganda project celebrating the misadventures of Earth’s shadowy cabal of shapeshifting overlords across animated episodes, comics, NFT collections and a participatory storyworld.

The dark energy powering the Hail Draconis Metaverse is $RPTC, a one-of-a-kind entertainment coin unlocking hodler access to exclusive NFT rewards, interaction with the series, and protection from blood sacrifice. Forget crypto, here’s repto, baby.

The Unholy Tarot predicts the great flippening between $RPTC and $DOGE

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