We know what you’re thinking. “What does the official currency of the New World Order have to offer me, a worthless human meatbag?”

Don’t Become a Blood Sacrifice

Only holders of the one true coin will be spared when all earth-bound reptilians shed their human form and drink the blood of the unworthy.

Holding $RPTC unlocks the Hail Draconis Universe

The Unholy Tarot has great things in store for loyal holders, from exclusive behind the scenes access, to limited-edition NFTs, additional content, in-show interaction, rewards and ARGs.

Your Purchase is directly linked to the development of the show

The power of Hail Draconis lies in the hands of our audience. So far, we have been able
to use USD$48,000 from the liquidity pool, roughly 10%, to invest in human labour to develop:

  • Character Design
  • Website Development
  • Animation
  • Blockchain Development
  • Writing
  • Casting
  • Artwork
  • Comic Book

The momentum of $RPTC helps the development of the series, which builds the momentum of $RPTC, which helps the development of the series. It’s a circle, see.

Hail draconis is the true spawn of the blockchain.

buy $RPTC*


Late in 2020 the Dark Moon of Draconis foretold the limited release of Reptilian Coin, with only 666,666,666 to be made available.

The rumblings of menace rose through the Unholy Tarot, and Crucifore, Master of Prophecy, set the next phase in motion.

Three great sheddings were foretold in the lead-up to the Great Revelation, when all earthbound reptilians would shed their human form and step forth from the shadows during the 2020 US election.

The Etherscan transaction hashes for the shedding are as follows:

1st shedding 37,946,666 RPTC* burned
2nd shedding 66,666,666 RPTC* burned
Final shedding 274,853,334 RPTC* burned

The total remaining circulating supply is 287,200,000 $RPTC.

Go to ETHERSCAN to see the token burn events and remaining circulating supply.

As the prophecy revealed itself further, the Grand Reptilian Council realised that the Great Revelation was not actually the election as foretold. Sometimes the Unholy Tarot is tricky to interpret.